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    Updated on June 6, 2017


    The Department of Otorhinolaryngology at Suining Central Hospital is the most powerful diagnosis and treatment center for diseases of otorhinolaryngology & head and neck surgery in the central area of Sichuan Province, which integrates medical care, teaching, and scientific research as a whole and is a national standardized residency training base. It has 50 in-patient beds and 30 staff, among whom there are 3 chief physicians, 4 associate chief physicians, 7 attending physicians,3 residents, and 4 doctors received master's degree.

    The department currently focuses on hearing test, deaf disease identification, and featured specialty clinics of nasal allergic diseases, voice disorders, OSAHS, head and neck tumors, etc. It offers diagnostic and treatment services for patients with hearing impairment such as hearing screening for deaf newborns, tympanic membrane repairing, tympanoplasty, and hearing aid fitting etc., which brings hopes to the hearing rehabilitation of patients; It provides examinations of multi-media electrolaryngoscope and strobolaryngoscope in voice clinic to aid in the early diagnosis, treatment, and therapeutic effect evaluation of patients with voice disorders; It also carries out the procedures of vocal nodule resection under electrolaryngoscope and laryngomicrosurgery under suspension laryngoscope to relieve the pain of patients with voice disorders; It detects and diagnoses nasal neoplasm, nasopharyngeal carcinoma, and laryngeal carcinoma early with TV multimedia electrolaryngoscope and treats them in time. The department takes the lead in carrying out standardized and systemic diagnosis and treatment of OSAHS in Suining, and has successfully performed operations for hundreds of severe OSAHS patients with satisfactory curative effects.

    Features of expertise include: nasal endoscopic diagnosis and treatment technology such as complicated endoscopic nasal-sinus operation, operations of head and neck tumors such as excision of laryngocarcinoma and hypopharynx carcinoma and reconstruction of the laryngeal function, operations of middle ear and inner ear such as tympanoplasty, extraction of foreign body in esophagus and trachea, minimally invasive microscopic laser operation of early pharyngeal and laryngeal carcinoma, etc.